3 Aug 2013

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Purpose of this Blog

Today, the IT department is in trouble. The business community is not satisfied of the IT department. The role of the IT department is undermined. Corporate IT is a shadow of what it should be. It is underexploited. Why? It’s all about the belief system. Do we really belief that by satisfying the demands formulated by the business community, their needs will be satisfied? Or, more importantly, do we believe this approach will allow the company to prosper?

This blog focusses on a few fundamental questions:

  • How to get the most of IT? (this issue is not a technological issue)
  • How to get the best “information component” in a company?
  • How to make IT projects to succeed?
  • How to implement successful information systems?
  • How to move from an IT department lagging behind to an IT department innovating and driving the business?

We need to change our belief system and to reposition IT within the company, redefine its role, retrain people, develop really best habits and implement healthy methodologies and finally develop a solid, flexible and manageable enterprise-wide information system that suits the company , solves its information needs and allows the business to function.

On this blog I present explain issues, forces and tendencies, mechanisms that unfold and solutions. I would like to emphasise five fundamental principles:

Five fundamental principles:
1.   Corporate IT is about Information and Information needs (not about technologies).
2.   The role of the IT department is to develop the information component of a company.
3.   The IT department is one of the most critical departments of the company.
4.   The main clients of the IT department are (in order of importance!):
a.    The company
b.    The whole business (set of businesses) & the IT department
c.    The business community
5.   Competences in Business Informatics (the conceptual area of IT, analysis and architecture) are most critical to IT department. (The IT department shouldn’t limit itself to technological knowledge.)


These principles are deduces from basic logic. The issues the IT departments struggle with today are linked to them. And of course, these principles do have consequences for the IT department and its environment.

Audience: Business Managers, Business Subject Matter Experts, CIO’s, IT Managers, Program and Project Managers, PMO members, Methodologists, Architects and Analysts, Software Engineers, ...

Subjects: Business-IT Alignment, Business-IT communication gap, Enterprise Engineering and Architecture, Business Analysis, Project Management, Requirements, ...



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This set of posts explains how the weaknesses about the business-IT relationship and the presently followed approach based on the existing belief system.


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